Become a Merchant

Access New Customers

The number of consumers using bitcoin is growing each and every day. Many will go out of their way to shop at a store that accepts bitcoin.


Enhance Publicity

Bitcoin is a popular topic for the media these days. By accepting bitcoin in your store, local media will cover your story and you will be the talk of the town your community.

Lower Transaction Fees

As you know, credit cards cost your business 2-4% or more in transaction fees. However, using bitcoin in the merchantCoin ecosystem will eliminate those credit and debit card processing fees.

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What else we provide?

MerchantCoin (XMC)

A new token of commerce, which rewards you and your customers accepting bitcoin transactions.

MerchantCore (mCore)

A transaction manager and reward manager to manage your activity. Provide incentives for your customers and establish brand loyalty.

MerchantGateway (mGateway)

A portal hosting a payment service, a multicurrency exchange and other services, including a registered merchant directory, cryptocurrency event information and more.

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About us

MerchantCoin is the first self sustaining, marketing centric crypto-currency that incentivizes consumers, advocates and businesses to acquire and use bitcoin.The MerchantCoin solution provides a Faster, Cheaper, Easier and Smarter method for merchants to transact business within its ecosystem. The mWallet enables each merchant to accept bitcoin, but also to sell Bitcoin and many other alt-coins. TheMerchantCoin solution provides every merchant an onramp to the digital currency marketplace.